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Allan Pearson

Mortgage Broker & Finance Broker

Located in Qld

Get The Right Finance Option, First Time!

Assisting our clients to make informed finance & home loan choices - that help them achieve their goals.

When you partner with Allan from EZFinance, you will receive:

  • Step-by-step support from our Finance Strategists.
  • Education and a guided process to make it simple for you.
  • Access to multiple lenders and the best interest rates for your situation.
  • Finance Approval – many times, even when other lenders have said ‘no’.

Buying or upgrading your home is one of the most significant financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Our Strategists will assess your situation to determine whether renting and buying an investment property is better for you, than buying a home to live-in!

EZFinance helps set solid foundations for first home buyers, in order to strengthen the chances of long-term success.




If you’re new to property investing, make EZFinance your first choice.

When you partner with EZFinance, our expert Finance Strategists ensure you get the most effective setup to suit your circumstances from the very beginning.

We make sure we get to know you through our process – both your immediate and long-term goals. Armed with that financial understanding, we then recommend loan products and ownership structures that are most suitable for your long-term success.

Buying your first property is exciting – but it can also be daunting. Our Investing Finance Strategists know what it’s like, and the feeling of being overwhelmed that can happen when you’re swamped with information.

At EZFinance, the one-on-one relationship you’ll enjoy with your Finance Specialist means you’ll receive only the very best knowledge and advice.

Our number one priority is to help you achieve your goals, and we’re here to answer any questions you have throughout the property purchasing journey.

We know that being 100% focused on your success also helps our success.

Contact us today for the best and most specialised property investment finance advice available.



At EZFinance, we believe that our investors should be well informed ahead of any property purchase.

That’s why we offer you one FREE Property Report, worth $55. This report has detailed information about a specific property including:

  • An estimated valuation range for your targeted property
  • Comparable local sales
  • Comparable rental dwellings
  • Suburb dynamics
  • Land area and size
  • Last sales data

Essentially, our report has all the key information property buyers should have before any purchasing decision.


If you are considering building your new home on existing land or renovating or extending your current home, you’ll need construction finance.

We help make your dream home become a reality, with the best construction finance at highly competitive home loan rates.

Plenty of first time owners and upgraders complain about the stress of sourcing finance, and then find that the funding they have sourced suffers from high home loan rates. They expected their mortgage broker to hunt for low deposit home loans and construction finance, but instead received poor or inadequate advice.

Inexperienced mortgage brokers don’t understand the process involved when bringing your dream home to completion. First timers often make the mistake of thinking their friendly mortgage broker will be able to find the best construction finance. But lending policies are different (and differ from lender to lender), and procedures of securing low deposit home loans for people building their own home are complicated.

If you use the wrong advisor, you may end up with inadequate construction financing and home loan rates well above the best available.

What you need is an expert in building and construction finance. This will ensure you traverse the complex process with minimum stress and maximum results.

Contact us today for the best and most specialised construction finance advice available. One of our experienced Construction loan specialists will be happy to help you through the minefield of construction finance, renovation loans, and building loans of all types.

Before You Obtain A Construction Loan, Beware!

Lenders attach different clauses and features to their construction loan policies. Some will offer policies to borrowers with otherwise insufficient documents, others may offer 95% loans, for example. However, before rushing to sign on the dotted line, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand all the clauses attached to the policy.

Some lenders may insist on valuations being conducted at every stage of the build before they release payment to the builder. This could mean financing not being extended, but will definitely mean payments being delayed by a few days. If the builder has penalty clauses in its contract with you, you may find yourself having to pay additional charges you weren’t budgeting on.

Other lenders may restrict what outside quotes are allowed to be financed. For example, driveways, landscaping, and floor covering, to name but a few. Select the wrong lender and you could find yourself forced to use your contracted builder for items that you could source elsewhere far cheaper..


Are you confused with all the Home Loan offers out there in the marketplace?

At EZFinance we will help guide you through the maze and work through these steps to success with you:

1. We will take the time to understand your financial and lifestyle goals and how your desired loan fits easily into these goals.

2. Finding the right solution: We’ll analyse the loans available from our

wide choice of lenders and match your requirements to the features

of the loans, providing you with a selection from which you can choose.

We’ll also explain the features, fees, costs and other details associated

with the loan you choose.

3. We believe in improving your financial wellbeing: We’ll discuss the importance of building solid financial foundations to make sure you can meet your financial commitments, protect yourself, your assets, and your loved ones, and be confident in your ongoing financial security.

4. Professional Service: We will make the home loan or refinancing process as hassle-free as possible by doing the legwork to find the right solution,

helping you with the paperwork and submitting the loan application on your behalf. We’ll communicate with your chosen lender throughout the process and keep you up to date along the way.

5. Success: Once your loan mortgage documents arrive we can help you to understand and complete them.

6. Ongoing Reviews: Our professional service doesn’t end once your loan settles. We’ll make sure that your loan continues to meet your needs,

regardless of how your life changes.

At EZFinance we are committed to finding you the right loan and making the process as hassle free as possible, whether you’re buying a home to live in, refinancing your current home loan, or buying an additional property to holiday in or rent out.

The choices you make when it comes to borrowing money can make a big difference to how comfortable you are financially, now and in the future.

It always helps to get expert finance advice and we are passionate about sharing our expertise to help you make better choices for a better life.

Business & Commercial

There are a vast variety of business loans available based on your needs. We have developed strong relationships with a range of business and commercial lending specialists and major banks. We are able to assist with business finance for expansion, investment funding, leasing, purchase or refinance of commercial properties, retail shops, industrial land, factories and offices or cash flow lending.

Car & Truck Finance

A standard Car or Truck loan is the most common type of loan in the market place. The loan is secured against the vehicle for a specified term (normally 5-7 years). The customer will take possession of the vehicle at settlement of the purchase and the financier retains an interest in the vehicle until the entire loan is paid back. Get in touch with us to go through the terms that may be applicable to your circumstances today.

Home Loans

How long would it take you to search 100’s of loans from over 80 different Lenders? We can do it in Minutes! Let us do the hard work for you....With our unique Finance Software Platform, our Lending Managers will search hundreds of loans from our panel of lenders to find the one that’s right for you. Schedule a free financial planning session with us to start the process.

Investment Property

EZFinance has access to, and can provide information on, many types of Business loans to suit both new and experienced business operators. Whether it is a new vehicle, office equipment, or shop fit-out, we have a very large range of financiers specifically lending just in this space. This makes getting the right finance so much easier. There are many options available. Get a free finance assessment to start the process today.

Self-Employed Loans

When the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) exploded into the Financial markets around the world a few years ago, all banks and lending institutions stopped or minimised any type of "Risky Lending". This impacted hard on self employed people who traditionally have found it hard to show where their income came from or had difficulty showing the bank up to date financial figures. Good news is that there are solutions readily available, let's have a chat and discuss your needs.


Most people make big savings when they refinance their home loan through EZ Finance. It doesn’t cost anything to find out how much you could save, and it could be thousands of dollars. (potential savings however, will depend upon your individual circumstances.) There are many solutions available when it comes to refinancing. Let's have a quick call to discuss through your options and help you with a solution for your circumstances.

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The guide that is helping ABN holders access finance the 'EZ' way!

In this guide we cover:

Tip 1: How to protect your credit score

Tip 2: Don’t trust your bank

Tip 3: How to get finance without relying on your tax

Tip 4: Vehicle and Equipment finance made easy

Tip 5: How to clean up bank statements before applying for finance

Tip 6: How to get rewarded with interest rate discounts

Tip 7: The difference between getting finance approved and declined

"Allan Listens and Puts His Client's Goals 1st!"

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Excellent Service

Allan Pearson is a great person and provides excellent services. I needed a business loan and took help of EZfinance. Recommend!!!


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Recommend You Contact

I could not recommend anyone higher than Allan for all the help he gave me and the support, and I would not hesitate with contacting Allan in the future!


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Life Saver

I would recommend Allan from EZFinance because he took the time to listen to me and what I wanted. He heard my uncertainty about buying a new house and recommended that in our situation we pursue a P&I Term Loan with a 100% offset facility for our savings. So now instead of paying tax on our interest, we save interest on our home loan and by paying our normal repayment we will pay off our home loan in just 5 to 7 years. Thank you for your great advice.


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EZFinance Pty Ltd. ACN:140178383 - Australian Credit Licence Number (ACL): 392611 and it's authorised Advisors are fully qualified to give advice and assist with all/any consumer lending. EZFinance Pty Ltd is a member of AFCA. EZFinance Commercial Pty Ltd (ACN:639833604) and it's authorised advisors are fully qualified to give advice and assist with all/any Commercial / Business lending. EZFinance Commercial Pty Ltd only advise and assist with "Non-Coded" finance (as described in the NCCP act 2009) and are not a member of AFCA.

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